Freedom Inn His Grace is a Christian ministry that provides a transitional loving home and holistic support for women re-entering society after incarceration or substance abuse treatment, and through the grace of God, transforms the lives of the women from despair to hope.


Women previously incarcerated / imprisoned or who have the disease of alcoholism/addiction will maintain their freedom and sobriety and prosper within their communities, to serve God and share His grace with others.


Women who come to Freedom Inn His Grace are willing to honor and serve God the Father because of their relationship with Christ and believe through Him they can be transformed by the Holy Spirit living inside their heart, mind, and soul.

"I found FIHG when I was in an inpatient treatment center when I had nowhere to turn. I struggled with meth addiction for 23 years. My family are all active addicts. FIHG ministry team/biblical mentors have shown me love, support, and a closer relationship to the Lord. I couldn't ask for much more today. I am almost 9 months clean and "No looking back"